This is EP Plus

We are a small but dedicated team

Foto van Ellien Stinissen bij EP Plus
Ellien Stinissen

Hi there, I'm Ellien. I'm passionate about epoxy and love engaging with customers, whether in person or over the phone. Always available to chat about innovation, pricing or technique!

Foto van Hendrik-Jan Vantomme bij EP Plus
Hendrik-Jan Vantomme

Hi, I'm Hendrik-Jan. I have an extensive expertise in epoxy systems and I ensure high-quality solutions and innovative practices for my clients.

Foto van Lennie Stinissen bij EP Plus
Lennie Stinissen
Administrative assistant

Hello, I am Lennie. I handle all our admin tasks and I am the go-to person for transport, order processing and invoicing. With my expertise and dedication, everything runs smoothly.

We are committed to personalized advice and assistance

We take great pride in offering personalized customer service and customized solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Our small and dedicated team is committed to providing assistance and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

We are here to ensure that you receive the support and technical guidance you need for a seamless experience.

We lead the way to sustainable epoxy solutions

Our focus is on continuous innovation, unique and tailormade product development and a commitment to sustainability.

You can reach out to us for products that prioritize low or zero VOC, human friendly and environmentally friendly epoxy, including green epoxy.

Additionally, our non-corrosive pigments offer a sustainable alternative for anti-corrosion systems.

Photo of EP Plus's warehouse - outside

We are proud to be your technical gateway for swift deliveries

EP plus serves as a technical hub with its own warehouse, enabling swift deliveries.

We also provide direct deliveries between our manufacturers and you. This involves packed material in IBCs or drums, but also bulk deliveries.

With our expertise and efficient logistics, we ensure that your business receives the materials it needs promptly.